Manufacturing as well as Exporting of HDPE Woven Fabrics, Eco Friendly Tarpaulin, Virgin Tarpaulin, Tarpaulin Fabrics by SK Enterprise in Ahmedabad, India.   Dragon Tarpaulin as HDPE Fabric Requirements of Industries like Fertilizers, Food Grains, Chemicals, Cement, Agro as well as Product Used for Wrapping of Paper, Clothes, Covering the Goods.
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Company Overview   HDPE Woven Fabrics, Sacks, Laminated Tarpaulin Rolls, Laminated Tarpaulin Covers, Tarpaulin Rolls.
Eco-Friendly Tarpaulin
H.D.P.E Woven Fabrics
PE Tarpaulin
Tarpaulin Fabrics
Water Proof Virgin Tarpaulin for Farming.
Tarpaulin Fabric for Construction.
Tarpaulin Fabrics for Extrusion Machine, Weaving Machine.
Laminated Tarpaulin Rolls for Printing Machines.
Incepted in 1983, S K Enterprise is a renowned organization engrossed in manufacturing and exporting of HDPE woven fabrics, sacks and tarpaulins which are used for various purposes. Our product range includes H.D.P.E. woven fabrics and sacks, laminated tarpaulin rolls, laminated tarpaulin covers and tarpaulin rolls and covers.

As a privately owned company our company managed by the family member of Mr. Anil Patel, the founder of the company. Under his valuable guidance and directions, we have sold assortment of our products in the local market under the brand name “Dragon Tarpaulin”.

We have created this brand image by executing customized products as per buyers' requirements with the most competitive price and a prompt delivery schedule. Aiming for better quality and superior technology, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the domestic as well as international market.
 Our Mission Statement
To build up the reputation for our brand name “Dragon Tarpaulin” by providing maximum value to our customers and satisfied transaction every single time.
 About the Founder
Our founder Mr. Anil S. Patel is the owner of S.K. Enterprise and has set up the enterprise two decades ago. As a plastic engineer and one of the most successful businessmen he stepped into this industry in the early 1980s as one of the initial manufacturers of tarpaulin in India. With every stepping stone he has successfully build up the organization to meet the challenging needs of the industry. Apart from his dedication and commitment, promoters who have wide experience in this industry also manage our company.

The Promoters:

  • Mr. Anil S. Patel (Plastic Engineer)
  • Mrs. Sucheta A. Patel (Bachelor in commerce)
    Administrative Manager
  • Mr. Swapnil A. Patel (Electronics Engineer)
    Production & development Manager
  • Mr. Karan A. Patel (Master of international business)
    Marketing Officer
 Our Product Galore
Our product range encompasses: H.D.P.E. woven fabrics, H.D.P.E. woven sacks, laminated tarpaulin rolls, laminated tarpaulin covers, tarpaulin rolls and tarpaulin covers.

Apart from the showcased range, we also manufacture Leno mess bags and garden knitting (shade net). We manufacture tarpaulins in 6, 8, 10 and 12 feet width rolls, which are also available as environmental friendly recycled tarpaulin. Our products are widely used for packing of tyres, wrapping of steel coils, wrapping of paper rolls, textiles, cement, automobiles, machinery, polymers, etc. Manufactured using HDPE and LDPE fabrics, they are high in density, have strong tensile strength, stiffness, opaqueness and fatigue resistance.
 Our Manufacturing Facility
We have a fully integrated infrastructure system, our manufacturing unit is spread in an area of 75000 sq. ft. and based at Changodar (Gujarat). We have invested both capital and know how in our mechanisms to respond to urgent demands and update the technologies.

The various machines installed in our unit for production facilities are:
  • Extrusion machine
  • Weaving machine
  • Lamination machine for coating of fabrics which are used for packing sugar/fertilizer to prevent them from moisture
  • Liner machine is used for packaging of light weight edible material, textile products, electrical and electronic households
  • Cutting machine
  • Stitching machine
  • Printing machines
Till date S.K. Enterprise holds the production capacity of 2500 Metric tones of tarpaulin and intends to increase the production capacity by 25% by the end of 2008.
 Our Team
Our team consists of experienced and well-versed industry professionals who are highly competent and they monitor and supervise the production unit. Our team consists of chemical engineers, plastic engineers, technicians, managers, supervisors and allied workforce. We conduct regular training sessions to keep our crew-members aware of latest developments in the industry. We also have our R & D team, which constantly carries out research to enhance the durability and environment friendliness of our products.
Quality Control is the essential factor in production. We have appointed a team of quality control analysts who constantly monitor the quality parameters so that the final product achieved have all the required characteristics. In order to guarantee flawless products, we use optimum quality LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) and HDPE (High-density polyethylene) to manufacture our woven fabrics, bags and sacks.

All the properties of the final product are tested on various verge of:
  • Mesh size of the fabric
  • Stretch ratio of the tape and fabric
  • Thickness of the fabric
  • Breaking strength of the tape
  • Weight per square meter of the fabric
All the features being interdependent they are strictly monitored as a defect in one can lead to a flaw in the overall production. Therefore, continuous check on all properties at all stages of the manufacturing process is essential to control the quality of the end product.
 Future Plans
We have developed a wide client base in the domestic market and are now planning to expand our base in the overseas market as well. With the assistance of our marketing professionals, we have even developed a web-based interface to interact with our potential clients in both the domestic as well as the international market. This interface enables our customers to place their business queries online along with any suggestions or grievances that they have regarding any of our products easily and efficiently.

Industries We Cater To
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Polymers Industry
  • Fertilizers Industry
  • Food Grains Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Salt Industry
  • Agro Product Industry
Besides these industries, our products also have a variety of end uses like: Bale Wrapping, Coverings, Backing for Carpet and Tufting, Nets, Curtains, Hand Bags and Wall Coverings.
 Our USP
We are one of the largest and most successful manufacturer of environment friendly recycled tarpaulin which does not contain any non polymer base item (i.e. filler and aluminum eyelet) thus our recycled tarpaulin hold better resistance compared with most products of the same category. Our recycled tarpaulin is environmental friendly not because it is manufactured from recycled plastic but each and every part of it (plastic eyelet and corners) is also recyclable after use.