Manufacturing as well as Exporting of HDPE Woven Fabrics, Eco Friendly Tarpaulin, Virgin Tarpaulin, Tarpaulin Fabrics by SK Enterprise in Ahmedabad, India.   Dragon Tarpaulin as HDPE Fabric Requirements of Industries like Fertilizers, Food Grains, Chemicals, Cement, Agro as well as Product Used for Wrapping of Paper, Clothes, Covering the Goods.
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Products   TARP as Eco Friendly Tarp, Eco Friendly Tarpauline.
Eco-Friendly Tarpaulin
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 Tarpaulin - Eco-Friendly Tarp

Every year billions of tones of plastic is manufactured from Crude oil, which never goes away as plastic never degrades in to the soil nor evaporates. So the basic Concept of these Eco-friendly Tarpaulin is to recycle the plastic and make very good quality tarpauline which are not only cheap but also serves at least some application so that newer plastic is used a bit less.

Environment friendly "Eco-Friendly" tarpauline it is basically made from using reprocessed plastic materials. We are one of the largest manufacturers of Eco-friendly tarp. During our journey in this industry we have developed Know-how to make this product with its best qualities intact.

One of the reasons we are so much successful is that we have strict quality standards regarding to this product. Upto 60 % of materials used in this product are made from re-processed plastic. These reprocessed plastics are reprocessed in our collaborated companies and who are specialist in this field.

The Final eco-friendly tarp has excellent strength and almost all the characteristics of fresh products (i.e. very good tensile strength, water proof, can be made U.V. stabilized, various colors available etc.) plus this tarpauline are also 100% recyclable as all the parts used in this product are plastic.

Benefits of Eco-Tarpaulin :-

it is Eco-friendly as less new plastic is used in its manufacturing
Very good as a temporary shelters
Various colors are available, it is also available from 90GSM upto 170 GSM, very good shine and color dispersion just like fresh tarpaulin, and it is also very durable
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